Film. Pequeña Soledad

After the tragedy of the death of a baby at the sea. The family says goodbye to her and from that moment the loneliness of her sister begins, who feels not only the loss of her sister but her mother´s too, who is absent due to the loss, forgeting the existence of her oldest daughter, who feels very lonely. She takes refuge in dreams of memories of happier moments with her mother, mixed with the reality of what happened. The girl feels like her mother is somehow gone too.

Written and directed by Jo Garcia-Garrido
Color by Marc Tarruell Roma
Original Music by Onomeya (Alfredo Ferre)
Aquatic photography by  Henrik Koos y Arthur Ambler of Siesta Advisor SL.
Montage by Fantú Studio

Film festivals where the short film has been selected:

Festival Visualizame. Festival audiovisual y Mujer- España (2023)
Soo Film Festival- Michigan-EEUU (2023)
Semana del cine de Lugo- España (2023)
New York City Independent Film Festival- NY-EEUU (2023)
Festival International du Films Amateur Klibia- Tunez (2023)
Belloit International Film Festival-Wisconsin-EEUU (2024)


Lola Higginson
Ana Cardona Valle
Carlos Pérez Carracedo López
Manuel García-Garrido
Mariano José Iglesias García
Emma Ambros Dean
Miguel Ángel Pérez Ivars
Milton Cardona

Special Thanks

Carlos Pérez-Carracedo López
Mariano José Iglesias García
Alexandra Iglesias García
Emma Price
Pablo Català
Elena Serrat
La Casa Azul
David Galarza Duran, Fundador de Psicología Jóvenes y Adolescentes
Ataúdes Mercedes S.L. y su persona de contacto Amparo
Ajuntamiento de Xàbia
Oficina de Turismo de Xàbia
Xàbia Film Comission
Zara Santa S.L.
Dimitra Lepper
D.Salvador Torrent – Parroquia San Bartolome de Xabia